Meet Julian

When you want to really get to know a place, you follow the locals. Because let’s face it: glossy travel brochures and reviews on TripAdvisor just don’t capture the essence of a community or culture. That’s because, most of the time, the visitor’s hotspots aren’t the local haunts, and the local haunts —the locally popular neighborhoods, restaurants, parks, and cultural venues—are the true heart of the community.

So if you’re considering a move to Denver, you need a local to show you around. Enter Julian Talavera. He’s as local as they come. Born and raised in Littleton, Julian previously worked in the restaurant and hospitality industry, and knows how to handle his clients with the upmost care and finesse.

Now, he’s putting his expertise to work in the real estate business, not only introducing buyers to the trendiest neighborhoods and hottest hangouts in the Mile-High City, but also showing them the design potential of every space they consider.

Buying a home is a fussy-enough business without the added burden of obstructed vision. Many buyers look at a home and see only the seller’s decor and arrangement. Julian helps you see a home’s possibilities, transforming a space from what it is now to what it could be. From the front door to the back, Julian helps clients envision a home that suits their needs and satisfies their personal design tastes.

Showing properties means showing off Denver, and Julian loves showing off Denver. Whether it’s introducing buyers to historic neighborhoods, meeting with them at one of downtown’s chic restaurants, or recommending which of many trails to hike or bike first, Julian loves helping newcomers find their niche in his hometown.

Of course, finding your niche starts with finding the right home. A home may well be the biggest thing you buy, so you want to make sure you choose the house that has the features you’re looking for at a price you can live with. Julian puts his sharp knowledge of the market and keen design sense to work for you, helping you better understand your options and realize your vision without a bunch of added stress. From identifying properties ideally suited for your unique needs and preferences to helping you broker the right offer, Julian coordinates all the details of the home buying process so that you can focus on other things. And when tough decisions need to be made, he is there to help you make them.

Best of all, when Julian helps you move to Denver, you gain a neighbor as well as a real estate agent. He lives in Littleton with his girlfriend and their dog. When not at the office or showing a home, you might catch him exploring one of Denver’s fine craft breweries, or lacing up the skates to place some ice hockey. You can bet you’ll run into him somewhere, because, for all its big-city vibe and continued growth, Denver still has the heart of a small town. And, really, that’s what Julian calls home.

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